Christensen Super YachtSuper Yachts Inc.We Manage New Construction and Purchases of Super Yachts – Cutting Edge Technology, Innovative Design and Non Compromising Quality – ANYWHERE, Worldwide- Super Yachts Inc is dedicated to the buyer looking for direct, honest and individual attention. Super Yachts Inc. has a worldwide database; we can contact virtually every mega yacht builder and super yacht owner in the world.

New Super Yacht Construction

New Construction is a specialty that Super Yachts Inc. manages with precision and a comprehensive follow up Yacht Management program after delivery. Our TEAM employs a specialist who emphasize in mega yacht sales, charters and yacht / owner promotion and marketing.

Buy or Sell a Mega Yacht

Super Yachts Inc. brings the art of super yacht sales to a refreshing level for the buyer. Unlike many other brokers in the yacht industry, Super Yachts Inc. will do the searching for you, the buyer. All we need is basic information for the super yacht the buyer is looking for, and Super Yachts Inc. will deliver only yachts fitting the search criteria. Super Yachts Inc. will do all the work.

Super Yacht Charters

Super yacht charters go hand in hand with super yacht sales and maga yacht owners. Super Yachts Inc. sails in the yacht charters mainstream and works with virtually every yacht charter brokerage worldwide.


Super Yachts Inc. is connected worldwide. There isn’t a mega yacht or super yacht builder that we can not interface with. Super Yachts Inc’s strong global presence keeps it’s finger on the pulse of the super yacht industry and and works closely with the most prestigious yacht builders and shipyards.

Mission Statement

The Super Yachts Inc. TEAM, with its comprehensive data base and personal contacts, is a direct link to virtually every yacht builder and yacht owner in the world.

Lee Racicot, the owner of Super Yachts Inc. holds 30+ years experience in the mega yacht industry. Lee holds credentials and recommendations from clients of yachts ranging from 70 feet to some in excess of 400 feet.There is no yacht too large, too small or any type power or sail.

Super Yachts Inc. sets itself aside from all other yacht brokerages with the unique concept of representing the super yacht buyer or super yacht owner in their SEARCH for the perfect yacht while incorporating the financial incentive to negotiating for the finest yacht available at the lowest cost.

Super Yachts Inc. focus is to address the observed need to honestly and accurately represent the super yacht owner or buyer in the search, negotiations and supervision of any size or type of yacht in the world, always putting the buyer or owner first and presenting all available options with recommendations.

You have nothing to lose by utilizing the vast network of resources available to Super Yachts Inc. As a representative of the largest and most aggressive super yacht brokerage houses in the world and virtually all the primary yacht and ship builders in the world, the owner of Super Yachts Inc. has brought all these contacts to one place which reduces your time and competitive exposure to a minimum while guaranteeing complete confidentiality for every client.

In order that we can focus with precision with qualified persons, Super Yachts Inc. remains strict and determined to represent only those who qualify with the basic criteria and standards set by our company.

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